ASM Technologies Ltd joins the Industry Affiliate Program at CeNSE, IISc

ASM Technologies Ltd collaborates with Centre for Nano Science and Engineering (CeNSE), IISc in an Industrial Affiliation Program. ASM aims to work closely with CeNSE in the following,

  • Joint Research & Development (R & D) Activities
  • CeNSE Facilities utilization
  • Interactions with the faculty and student community at CeNSE
  • Training ASM team on Semiconductor processes, technology and systems from CeNSE repute  faculties/ professors
  • Student internships/ Placement

The Centre for Nano Science and Engineering (CeNSE) was established in 2010 to pursue interdisciplinary research across several disciplines with a focus on nano scale systems. Current research topics include, but are not limited to nano-electronics, MEMS/NEMS, nonmaterials and devices, photonics, nano-biotechnology, solar cells and computational nano-engineering. CeNSE has 15 core faculty members and more than 40 associate members from various IISc departments to carry out interdisciplinary research. The centre also offers PhD and M.Tech programs. CeNSE has a state-of-the art nanofabrication facility with a clean room spanning 1400 square meters and a characterization facility to do structural, electronic, mechanical, chemical and optical measurements on materials and devices. Through the Industry Affiliate Program, CeNSE has made vigorous efforts to collaborate with industry. The program increases interaction with industry personnel and thereby enables the nucleation of research threads relevant to industry. CeNSE has been consciously translating the nanotechnology IPs into products for societal impact by incubating startups namely i2n Technologies, PathShodh, Qrera, and GT Silicon. Several products such as the MEMS Pressure Transducers for Aerospace Applications, Pathshodh’s Anupath -World’s first multi-analyte handheld device for diabetes- and the Ocean CVD- a semiconductor research equipment for CVD synthesis (in collaboration with KAS technologies for 2D materials) – have been developed. For more information about CeNSE visit