Multi-domain expertise in Electronic, Mechanical and Manufacturing Systems resulting in the finest product designs.

One BIG Team

With passionate ASMLites working across three continents and multiple time zones, you can count on us to address all your tech challenges, making it a smooth journey for you.

Award Winning Practices

Industry compliant processes coupled with cutting edge technologies and our best practices that ensure quality project deliverables.



100Co-created Products
1000Product Releases
200000Parts Engineered
100000Test Cases Automated

Experience enhanced reliability and productivity! anytime! every time!


Your idea. Our execution. One great story.


ASM is one of India’s most reliable names in the field of technological services, providing top-notch solutions for engineering and product development.

Our pool of talented engineers design and develop products on par with global standards to deliver the finest quality product.

We work collaboratively, adding our domain expertise and knowledge to your ideas that help us craft comprehensive solutions with competitive benchmarking, ensuring that the end-product you get is nothing short of excellent.